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We are honored to join us and we are happy to serve you to reach the highest levels of sports in world football. We also hope that you will be pleased with our work. We also ask members to record complete data and inform you that the data is confidential and this is our role to preserve it. Important note (Upload video in MP4 format).

Fifa Roles

We must understand the laws of football. We display some laws every week. There is a legal advice on the site’s tape regarding football. You can send your question and we review your request to clarify the law written on the site or others.

  • 1Article (1) The playing field: Dimensions: The playing field must be rectangular. That the length of the touch line must be greater than the length of the goal line. Length: minimum 90 m (100 yards) - Maximum 120 m (130 yards). Width: minimum 45 m (50 yd) - Maximum 90 m (100 yd). In international matches: Length: Minimum 100 m (110 yd) - Maximum 110 m (120 yd) Width: Minimum 64 m (70 yd) - Maximum 75 m (80 yd). Layout of the playing field: The playing field is defined by lines, and these lines enter within the area of ​​the areas that you specify, and the two long lines are called the touch lines, and the short lines are called the goal lines, and the width of all lines does not exceed (12) cm (5) inches. The playing field is divided into two by the center line, the center mark marks the middle of the line, and a circle with a radius of 19.15 m (10 yards) is drawn around the midfield mark.
  • 2The goal area: The goal area is determined at each end of the playing field as follows: Two vertical lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line at a distance of 5.5 m (6 yards) from the inner edge of the goalposts and these two lines extend into the playing field at a distance of 5.5 m (6 yards) and then connected to a line parallel to the goal line. That the space limited by these lines and the goal line is the goal area.
  • 3penalty area: The penalty area is determined at each end of the playing field as follows: Two vertical lines are drawn at a right angle to the goal line at a distance of 5.16 m (18 yards) from the inner edge of the goalposts. The area bounded by these lines and the goal line is the penalty area. Within each of the penalty areas, the penalty mark is placed at a distance of 11 meters (12 yards) from the midpoint of the goal, between the two goalposts and at an equal distance from them. An arc of a circle of 15.9 m (10 yards) radius is drawn from each penalty kick mark outside the penalty area.
  • 4Corner flag lists: The pillar of the corner flag shall be placed at a height of not less than 1.5 m (5 feet) so that it carries a flag and does not have a pointed head at each corner area. Similar banners may be placed at both ends of the midfield line at a distance of not less than 1 m (one yard) outside the touchline.

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There is a committee working to select the distinguished players, after completing all the conditions by the relevant committee.

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Here we get to know the clubs in the world, and this is especially for the club members who are specialized in the club’s flags. We must publish what is transmitted from the club’s flags.

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The experiences of specialized coaches to play football and display their skills.

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Sports analysis is possible for all members with mathematical analysis before or after the match, exclusive video and display on the site.

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Visitors can e-market through thousands of websites registered on our site, after making sure that they are official and can be trusted with placing logos and links to special websites for products;


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